Uncategorized - Play with friends for 2x the winnings!

Play with friends for 2x the winnings!

Play with friends for 2x the winnings!

1. One round of the game lasts for 10 seconds.

2. Click on the button as much as you can to get the highest score and win big!

3. Click 'Start round' and after a short countdown the game will start.

4. You can play a new round every 12 hours.

5. Your score points are based on the speed of clicking - be fast!

6. After the end of game, you have 12 hours to redeem the coupon.

7. In the 12-hour period you can also choose not to redeem the coupon, and you can invite up to 3 friends to play. If they win coupons, that same amount of coupons will also be given to you.

8. You can only invite the same friend up to 3 times. If more than 3 times, the inviter will not get the coupon but the invitee can still play the game.

9. Invite links expire after 30 days.

10. Once the coupons are collected, you can view them in the Coupon Center.

11. If you exit the game before it ends, the score will become invalid and you will need to start a new game to get coupons.

12. New members of AliExpress must make a purchase on their account and wait a few hours before they can play. They cannot directly 'share' an item with their friends.

13. The coupons won from this game are AliExpress coupons and can be used to purchase any item on AliExpress.

14. This game can only be played on a mobile phone.

15. This game is currently not available in Russia, Kazakh, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan.

16.Your participation in the game is subject to the Terms and Conditions.

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