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About Us

Page WWW.CHINAEXPRESS.TOP is not an eshop, but only a Chinese goods search engine.

You can search in English and other languages to view and sort items converted in selected currencies.

  • We do not store any personal information on our site.
  • You won't find a "cart" here.
  • All Products you add to your shopping cart and buy directly from your Aliexpress vendor on their website.
  • All payments are made solely on their payment systems and under their terms.
  • You also track orders via your vendor.
  • In the event of a problem, you have to dispute directly to the supplier of the goods.
  • Prices are taken over and converted at the exchange rate, these are basic prices, without individual modifications to the goods you choose they may differ from the actual price you can pay.
  • Product descriptions and images come directly from the data provider for our search engine, and we do not store or guarantee any images of common goods with us.

Find customer support where you can track shipments, file disputes, and request a refund.